Strong of its own multi-skills design office and of industrial resources, ASMAN TECHNOLOGY offers a wide range of services on request:

R&D intégrations

Study and integration of on-board electronics into aircraft, helicopter, drone or aerostat, certified or not (Rugged tablet, operator station, DataLink, LTE / 4G, Antennas, Cameras, Lidar, Radar…).
Medium-altitude drone development.
Realization of specific integration in POD (for use under aerostat or aircraft via standardized attachment).

Flight tests

Flight tests of equipment (DataLink, Antennas, Cameras, Lidar, Radar ...).

Ground stations and equipment for supervision and command rooms

A wide range of ground stations is available. Depending of the model, it provides planning and command functions(Audio link, Mini messages…) and the control of on-board sensors (as well as drone piloting).
Depending on customer requirements, additional means can be proposed to equip one or more supervision and command rooms: giant screens, tactical tables, workstations.

Communications networks

Deployment of communications networks to integrate ground stations into a hierarchical chain (radio links, satellite communication, optical fiber, ...).

Retransmission, Broadcast

Video Relay, Air Radio.