An ISR drone for long endurance

PHAETON 600 by ASMAN Technology integrates all the components of ISR* system :

  • A long endurance aerial drone developed on the basis of a light aircraft, bestseller in its category; with 100 kg of payload and more than 20 hours of autonomy, it is particularly suitable for automated ISR missions over large areas (maritime surveillance of the EEZ, border surveillance, etc.)
  • Various onboard sensor suites tailored to the mission (gyrostabilised electro-optics, Radar, COMINT/ELINT, Search and Rescue)
  • The combination of a bi-directional and high-speed datalink with a satcom terminal allowing the ground control of the onboard camera and the control of the drone beyond the radio range
  • A range of ground stations (portable ROVER-type receivers, movable dual-screen station, integrated into a shelter, etc.) that can be interfaced with a chain of command.
*ISR : Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance

An efficient system

  • Maximum speed : 225km/h
  • Endurance : +20 hours
  • Operational ceiling: 16.000 feet
  • Maximum takeoff weight : 600kg
  • Maximum load : 100kg

A tactical drone

  • Wingspan : 15m (option: 10m)
  • Wing surface : 12,26m²
  • Length : 7m
  • Material: composite and aluminum
  • Automatic taxi, takeoff, mission and landing

Robust links

  • Uplink : remote control
  • Downlink : telemetry and HQ video
  • Encrypted communications
  • Maximum elongation : 120km
  • SatCom for low latency video and more range

Radio coverage and piloting capacity from the ground

The system allows real-time video transmission from the aircraft to a fixed or mobile command center (LOS only):

  • up to 120 km to the ground station
  • up to 30 km to the portable station (Rover)
A satcom link for BLOS capability

An optronic capacity night and day

  • Multi-axis gyro stabilized Gimbal
  • Camera full HD 1080p
  • Thermal camera cooled or not 640x480
  • Optical zoom x30 and digital zoom x36
  • Low intensity light mode
  • Continuous coverage in azimuth (360 °)
  • Elevation coverage from +20 to -120 °
Other configurations upon request: Search and Rescue, Radar, COMINT/ELINT…

An ergonomic mission system

PHAETON 600 comes with an ergonomic mission system AeroMovingMap. User friendly, it eases the feedback of information to the command center.

A 100% autonomous deployment

PHAETON 600 can be delivered in a shelter for easy transport and operation.