A tactical drone for surveillance

PHAETON 200 by ASMAN Technology integrates all the components of a surveillance system :

  • A tactical aerial drone developed on the basis of a specific platform; with 50kg of payload and 8h of autonomy, it is it is particularly suitable for surveillance missions. It is designed in France for export missions
  • A suite of on-board sensors (gyrostabilized electro-optics with day and infrared thermal camera, goniometers, AIS for real-time position of ships)
  • A bidirectional and high-speed datalink allowing control from the ground of the on-board camera and piloting of the drone.
  • A range of ground stations (portable ROVER-type receivers, movable dual-screen station, integrated into a shelter, etc.) that can be interfaced with a chain of command.

An efficient system

  • Maximum speed : 200km/h
  • Endurance : 8 hours
  • Operational ceiling: 16.000 feet
  • Maximum takeoff weight : 245kg
  • Maximum load : 50kg

A tactical drone

  • Wingspan : 7m
  • Wing surface : 4,6m²
  • Length : 4,2m
  • Material: composite and aluminum
  • Automatic takeoff and landing

Robust links

  • Uplink : remote control
  • Downlink : telemetry and HQ video
  • Encrypted communications
  • Maximum elongation : 120km

Radio coverage and piloting capacity from the ground

The system allows real-time video transmission from the aircraft to a fixed or mobile command center:

  • up to 120 km to the ground station
  • up to 30 km to the portable station (Rover)

An optronic capacity night and day

  • Multi-axis gyro stabilized Gimbal
  • Camera full HD 1080p
  • Thermal camera cooled or not 640x480
  • Optical zoom x30 and digital zoom x36
  • Low intensity light mode
  • Continuous coverage in azimuth (360 °)
  • Elevation coverage from +20 to -120 °

An ergonomic mission system

PHAETON 200 comes with an ergonomic mission system AeroMovingMap. User friendly, it eases the feedback of information to the command center.

A 100% autonomous deployment

PHAETON 200 can be delivered in a shelter for easy transport and operation.