KASOAR - A 100% operational system

Kits for transforming aircraft into mission assets

KASOAR is an immediately available solution, entirely dedicated to capturing high-definition video from the air and transmitting it in real time to a ground station. The solution includes all the components of an airborne mission system, combined with a high-performance video transmission system (LOS/4G), visible HD and MWIR cameras remotely controlled from the ground as for a drone, and can integrate other optional sensors.

1 - Datalink capabilities

Internally developed, they are encrypted and enable real-time transmission of onboard video to a fixed or mobile ground segment. Modular, they cover all the functionality from the onboard man-machine interface to the interface to the different sensors (gimbal, AIS, ADS-B, SARA, direction finder…).

They exist into bidirectional and downlink only versions and allow to establish long range line of sight (up to 150km with 2D antenna systems) knowing that the performances depend on meteorological, installation and use conditions. They are compatible with a large scope of frequency (UHF, L, S, C) and even 4G/LTE (and ready for 5G).

2 - Onboard and ground antenna systems

Both onboard and ground antenna systems are supplied. Depending of the mission to be fulfilled and of level of performance to be delivered, antenna could be 2D, omni and/or LTE/4G.

3 - Ground segment

A wide range of ground stations is available. According to its type, it provides the functions of planning, command (radio link configuration, messaging, …) and control of the on-board sensors.

For specific requirements, ASMAN TECHNOLOGY can propose other sensors to offer either higher resolution or other functionality (radar, photogrammetry, COMINT). KASOAR is already compatible with TRAKKA, SIERRA OLYMPICS, PERGAM, TELOPS...