ASMAN Technology develops, markets and operates aerial surveillance and photogrammetry solutions adapted to airplanes, helicopters, aerostats and drones. Its offer is structured in complementary product lines:

  • KASOAR : Kits for transforming legacy aerial platforms (ULMs, airplanes, helicopters, balloons) into mission assets.
  • ARLA : a range of ULMs and light airplanes specifically prepared for surveillance, observation or inspection missions.
  • PHAETON : a range of fixed wing drones for autonomous and long endurance missions, easy to operate and maintain.
  • VIREO : a range of rotary-wing drones specifically developed for the transport of payload from 5 to more than 200kg in harsh environments.
ASMAN TECHNOLOGY markets AERIO, an aerial work offer by professional drone. Adapted to industrial sites that are difficult to access or too large, AERIO has been designed and developed to be compatible with a wide range of sensors. AERIO covers :
  • the search for methane, hydrocarbon gas and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) leaks,
  • thermography of buildings,
  • the search for water leaks,
  • photogrammetry and Lidar surveys (3D maps)
  • and security operations.

Our solutions share the same modular mission system, AeroDataLink, allowing them to broadcast and be operated in real time from the ground (all sensor control functions are fully performed by ground operators). The processing of all data collected in flight or in operation is carried out by the software AeroMovingMap which comes in different media for fast and simplified use by all stakeholders.

With its integrated design office and its own industrial resources, ASMAN Technology performs specific integrations on demand: mission aircraft, pod for use under aerostat, modernization of on-board antenna systems, … as well as trials and flight tests of third-party equipment (Datalink, Antennas, Cameras, Lidar, Radar…).

ASMAN TECHNOLOGY markets an aerial work offer. On short notice, our teams deploy in the area to perform a wide range of missions :

  • Road and site surveillance
  • Regular inspection of high voltage lines, pipelines and others infrastructures
  • Fight against forest fires
  • Cartography…

Presentation FOREST

Presentation PHAETON 20

Presentation ARLA 600

Mission ARLA600 with Trakka TC-300

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ASMAN TECHNOLOGY showcases its long-endurance drone solutions and AERIO aerial work solutions at UAV SHOW and its ISR solutions at MILIPOL.


ASMAN TECHNOLOGY wishes you a wonderful year 2023 and thanks its customers,partners and suppliers for their trust.


FORESTS - Experimental stratospheric surveillance system flight from the Aeropole Antoine de Saint-Exupéry at Jonzac (Charente-Maritime, France)

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ASMAN TECHNOLOGY presents AERIO in its TELOPS configuration at the National Methane Days on 21 and 22 September 2022 at CNES Paris

ASMAN TECHNOLOGY and Telops are presenting their joint AERIO solution to combat global warming at the Journées Nationales Méthane, organised at the CNES. Their common strength is to combine hyper-spectral cameras developed by Telops and light ULM class aircraft modified and operated by ASMAN TECHNOLOGY. This offer aims to locate and quantify methane emissions on gas transport networks managed by operators via the use of an aerial vector that is less intrusive than a helicopter (less noise, higher altitude flight) and offers a much better carbon footprint (lower fuel consumption); a first step before integration into an electric light aircraft!

Journées Nationales Méthane 2022