ARLA 600 SmartBay©
Certified multi-purpose Special Mission Aircraft

CS/FAR-23 special mission aircraft pre-equipped with a multi-purpose pod

Based on the proven P92-JS model of Tecnam, ARLA 600 SmartBay© enables the execution of a wide set for aerial missions requiring certified airplanes..
In partnership with the Italian company DIGISKY, Asman Technology offers a modular platform aiming at easily adapting to different sensors and missions. Combined with the AeroDataLink high-performance data transmission system (LOS/4G), ARLA 600 SmartBay© is linked in real time to the ground for faster data processing.

SmartBay System has been developed to meet the following conceptual and operational criteria:

  • Perform rapid and multiple sensors suite configuration on any fixed-wing airplane
  • Standardize and automate the sensors management during the mission
  • Facilitate post-processing operations of the collected data
  • Optimize the sensors maintenance operations (off-board)
  • Guide and report the pilot during the mission

Non-Complex Airplane Platforms

  • Lower aircraft maintenance costs
  • Easy pilot enablement to the platform

Reduced mission costs

  • Limited fuel consumption
  • Single pilot operations

No compromises on Quality & Payloads

  • High performance payloads (up to 30kg)
  • Universal payload “plug&play” mounting

Radio coverage and piloting capacity from the ground

The system allows real-time video transmission from the aircraft to a fixed or mobile command center:

  • up to 120 km to the ground station
  • up to 30 km to the portable station (Rover)

Compatible with a wide range of commercial sensors:

  • Photo and thermal camera with gyro stabilization
  • Video camera / ISR with gyro stabilization
  • Laser scanner LIDAR
  • Chemical sensor for air-quality check
  • Hyper/Multispectral for terrain modeling
  • Custom sensors up to 30kg

An ergonomic mission system

ARLA 600 SmartBay© comes with an ergonomic mission system AeroMovingMap. User friendly, it eases the feedback of information to the command center.

Applications include innovative topographic services and geometric surveys of civil and industrial buildings and infrastructures:

  • with linear progression (corridor mapping): pipelines, roads, railways, …
  • with horizontal development : plants, ports, warehouse, forests, …