Aerial work by industrial UAV

ASMAN TECHNOLOGY has specified - after qualification in its own facilities and then on different customer sites - AERIO, a light gas leak detection solution compatible with professional drones such as DJI's Matrice M210 or M300 RTK.

AERIO has been designed and developed to be compatible with a wide range of sensors and drones. Through its open architecture, AERIO can easily integrate future technologies or adapt to a new drone.

The following versions are available:

  • AERIO THERMO based on a thermal camera for building thermography,
  • AERIO TDLAS based on a Laser for its recognized performance in detection and quantification of methane leaks,
  • AERIO OGI based on an OGI camera for its compactness and its ability to detect (infrared imaging) and locate the origin of methane, hydrocarbon gases and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) leaks;
  • AERIO TDLAS/OGI combining a Laser and an OGI camera to detect, quantify and locate methane leaks more easily.

On request, AERIO can be adapted to other missions such as :

  • the search for water leaks,
  • photogrammetry and Lidar surveys (3D maps)
  • and security operations.

A typical service is as follows:

  • Upstream: Preparation and planning of the flights + request for flight authorizations + if necessary, pre-visit of the site to be flown over
  • A few days before: Analysis of the weather forecast + confirmation of the mission
  • During: Formalities for access to the site + Opening of the flight (according to regulations) + Preparation of the equipment and visual recognition of the site + Delimitation of the flight zones by tape (if necessary) + Surveying campaigns + Closing of the flight (according to regulations)
  • A few days after: Delivery of a mission report

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